Structure II

I’ve been in this location a little over a year now, and finally I’ve settled into a structure that I’m comfortable with and works for me. Since I’m not working, and single, I just have way too much free time. For the most part I attend church and am slowly studying The Bible, I have my 2 year old Papillon Luna and she just completed a beginner class with other dogs, I eat out almost every day at the local diner and have become a regular. I really do appreciate seeing the familiar faces of the wait staff. I do things with my family, and have a few friends that I stay in touch with. The other thing I’ve done is build a wardrobe, kind of upscale, so when I go out I look my very best. I joke that as I get older and lose what I had of my looks, I make up for it in the clothes:)


Whats New

We’ve had power back for some time now, but, what a pain it was. There was no electric, heat, water, wifi, and even the phones were acting up. It went on this way for several days and the food from the refrigerator needed to be tossed. Luckily, a friend had a generator so we took a shower there one day and charged our phones. Power was eventually restored, and things are back to normal now:)

Winter should be ending soon and it will be time to clean the interior of my car. Ive been buying some new items for my Spring wardrobe so I look good when I get out of the house. I try to find things to do, but, find that I sometimes still have to make myself go. I do plan on doing some volunteering this year. A few days a week anyway. Oh also, Im going to enroll my Papillon in some training classes.

Housing Addendum

A worry I had when moving back North was that HUD housing(which is what I can really afford), wouldnt allow a pet and I had just bought a Papillon. I didnt want to give her up. To my surprise, many of the HUD housings DO allow a pet. Most often one pet, a cat or a dog. So needless to say, I am very, very happy. Sometimes they want the pet to be a therapy pet or emotional support animal(which only requires a doctors note). So worries are over and I am a happy camper:)

Hoarders Episode

As you know, I love the TV show, Hoarders: Buried Alive. I want to talk about one episode in particular that was exceptionally good. This woman was, in my opinion, the most severe hoarder the show has ever had. What is interesting is that she went to school to be a lawyer and completed her education, but never took the Bar exam.

Let me describe her house. Im thinking it was a 3 bedroom ranch, and every floor was piled high with trash. The house wasnt even functional. She had to walk atop of trash to get from room to room. Trash and various items was outside in the yard as well. To make matters worse, she had a rat problem. Not just one or two but many. Large rat holes were outside in the yard. She had lost a husband and her children to this hoarding problem. She had stuff in cars parked on her lot as well. But she somehow lived there.

She was the nicest person, really she was. Also not stupid as evidenced by her schooling.

She had financial troubles and had gone into debt, losing the house. Someone bought it, sight unseen, not knowing what was going on inside.

Upon seeing the house, the buyers could not believe what they had gotten into. Eventually they called in exterminators and got it cleaned up.

In the meantime, the hoarding lady lived in a nearby motel.

Apparently she kept in touch with the new owners of her house and they felt bad for her. They had fixed it up and furnished it and it looked really, really nice. You would never know it had once been the disaster that it once was.

They told her she could buy it back from them. Somehow(I dont know how), she got a mortgage and did just that promising to keep it clean and she was very very happy to have this second chance.

It was indeed a happy ending and I loved watching it.

It would be great if they did a follow up and had a Part II.


Days Events

This morning, after morning coffee, went to my weekly therapy appointment and it was good. This afternoon I watched an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive on television. Later, attended a teaching group in town on abusive relationships and panic attacks, then had stuffed mushrooms out at a diner with a friend. Now all I need to do is feed the dog:)


More snow is expected tomorrow. Im frustrated:( Trying to follow the structure Ive made for myself but have to keep cancelling plans and staying indoors because of yet another snow. All of the snows we’ve had so far have been small. No blizzards with mountains of snow plowed high. But still, cabin fever persists. Looking forward to Spring to say the least:)